Animation collection

More than 60 highly shareable animated visualizations that offer thought-provoking answers to questions sparked in everyday life.


A colourful mix of illustrations used in the BBC Animation collection. There are low-poly mountains, a blue double decker bus, a hot air balloon among other illustrations.

Where does the most generous tooth fairy live? What plant grows the fastest? And what might the world’s hottest chilli sound like?

We answered these everyday curiosities in more than 60 animated visualizations for the BBC.

Exploring everything from science and nature to religion and the arts, we first invited our entire team to come up with potential topics.

Then we narrowed this list to stories we felt we hadn’t seen before and would be shareable.

Each idea had to work in 90-second and six-second durations, so we started with the longest then reused the data and core assets for the shorter lengths.

The biggest challenge was creating a design language that tied everything together, regardless of whether we were looking at bamboo or battlefields.

The solution was more than just colourful, universally adaptable aesthetics. We also used ringing ambient tracks and digital sound-effects to build a distinct audio profile so every video would be as recognisable at first listen as it was at first sight.

Of all the subject areas – from tea to the Tooth Fairy – we’re particularly fond of our pieces on the size of stars and the growth rate of trees.

A graphic of four blue/green low-poly, two dimensional mountains.
A graphic comparing how much different plants grow per year with a human child's average growth per year for comparison. While a child grows at 6.5 centimetres per year, the four plants shown all grow more than this, with spruce growing 75 centimetres in the same time period.
An animated graphic showing the meat produced per kilo of feed rearing different animals. It shows a cow produced 40g of meat per kilo of feed compared to 471g grams for a cricket.
An animated graphic comparing some of the highest mountain peaks. It shows Ben Nevis in Scotland at 1,344 metres. Everest in Nepal is 8,846 metres. And Olympus Mons on Mars is 25,000 metres.
A grid of blue and green bathtub graphics on a blue gradient background.
A visualization comparing the scoville heat units (SHU) of some of the world's hottest chilli peppers. The hottest pepper is the Carolina Reaper at 2,200,000 SHU. For refernece, a regular Jalapeno is shown to be just 3500 SHU.

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