Gender Pay Trap

A scrollytelling explainer that exposes the Gender Pay Trap, a viscious cycle of workplace inequality costing women thousands.


Workplace inequality is costing women thousands of pounds each year.

It’s not just a gender pay gap. Hiring platform Totaljobs wanted to expose the vicious cycle of gender bias running throughout our modern work culture that’s left women short-changed for decades. We dubbed this cycle the ‘Gender Pay Trap’ and built our narrative around this idea.

The reader is taken on a maze-like path that winds through each of the Pay Trap’s five fascinating data stories. Easy to digest yet full of jagged shapes and tight corners, this scrollytelling narrative even forces the reader to break out of a ‘trap’ to reach the end of the piece.

Interactive visualizations offer comparisons of different gender disparities and our progress (or lack of it) between 2019 and 2021.

Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Gillian Ku, also lent the story her expert advice on how to ask for a pay rise and break out of the Gender Pay Trap.

The final page was added to Totaljobs’ website alongside an updated version of their Gender Bias Decoder, which we’d refreshed to align with the aesthetic of this visual story.

The front of the Gender Pay Trap website. It shows several geometric shapes and the five stages of the Gender Pay Trap: Dont, ask don't get, the cost of unequal pay, the awareness gap, sad resignation, the secret bias of job ads.
A side by side image of a whiteboard sketch and final image of a butterfly chart about pay inequality and its impact on job satisfaction. It suggests those happy with their job were more likely so say their employer paid fairly than those who didn't like their job.
Two screenshots from the Gender Pay Trap website. Both show a mix of data visualizations, copy anf fact boxes alongside a scrolling geometric shape.

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