Peak Earnings

Totaljobs wanted to use their wealth of exclusive salary data to explore when workers will achieve their ‘peak earnings’.


What’s the highest salary you’ll earn in your career? How does that number compare to different professions? And would you be paid more – or less – if you lived in a different part of the country?

Totaljobs wanted to use their wealth of exclusive salary data to explore when workers will achieve their ‘peak earnings’ – the point in their lives when they’ll earn the highest wage relative to hours worked.

We created an interactive Peak Earnings Predictor that could unlock all the answers. After you enter details about your career, the predictor reveals the average age of peak earnings in your chosen industry and how your salary compares to the UK average for your age.

A variety of factors influence how high our peak earnings are likely to be – and when we’ll reach them. So we added drop-down menus where users could compare themselves against averages in factors like gender, region or education.

We also created the Totaljobs Salary Report, digging deeper into Totaljobs’ insights - like which industries pay the most on average or how much money a masters degree adds to the average payslip.

The ‘Peak Earnings Predictor’ provides crucial context to help everyone make better salary decisions. It empowers workers to benchmark their pay against industry standards and encourages employers to offer fair compensation to their employees.

A screenshot of the Peak Earnings dashboard. It shows a line chart by comparing peak earnings in different regions of the UK.
Three screenshots of how the dashboard line charts looks on mobile screens.
The front cover of the Totaljobs 2021 Salary Report.
A proportional area chart from the Total Jobs showing the UK mean salary of £37,000 and mean benefits of  UK average benefits of £1,800
A sankey diagram showing the number of pay rises people had recieved while working their current jobs. The most common answer, 47% had answered no pay rises.
A map from the TotalJobs Salary Report. It shows the mean salary of different parts of the UK, Greater London has the highest at £47,500.
A bar chart comparing the average annual salary based on 'management responsibility', that's the number of people a worker has to manage. It suggests the more people a person manages, the more they are paid, with those managng more than 100 people earning the most.
An animated gif flicking between pages of the Totaljobs Salary Report. It shows several data visualizations summarising trends for different working sectors and their salaries.

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