Results Report

A memorable mix of reports, interactives and videos to promote the Global Fund's efforts to eradicate HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

The Global Fund

A grid of pages taken from the Global Fund results report. They show a mix of visualizations, images and copy.

Since they were founded in 2002, the Global Fund has saved more than 59 million lives from HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

And since 2019, we’ve worked with them to support and promote the release of their annual Results Report, smartly summarising a year’s worth of progress against three deadly diseases.

We distil the key learnings from each report into simple, digestible visualizations that tell a story of progress – where we started, where we are now, where we need to reach to end each disease.

In every report, we’ve maintained a consistent visual language where the three primary colours each match to one disease. It creates a scheme that’s immediately recognisable and infinitely flexible, speaking volumes before anyone reads a word.

Each year, we help turn the key learnings from the main report into a condensed two-page executive summary – detailing its core messages in a quick and convenient document, that we translate into nine different languages.

And a summary website with interactive charts lets users get hands-on with the data – exploring the burden of disease and the Global Fund’s progress in tackling them at a global, regional and country level with the help of drop-down menus.

In 2023, we expanded the offering to include a punchy, powerful video animation that captured a year of Global Fund successes in one memorable minute.

A page from the Global Fund Results Report. It shows two stacked bar charts both spanning from 2000 to 2021. The first shows trends in TB deaths  both with and without TB control. The other shows the same scenarios but with TB cases. Both are decreases when TB control is in place.
A page from the Global Fund Results Report. It shows some copy beneath a stacked area chart that shows the number of children covered by seasonal malaria chemoprevention in several countries between 2012 and 2022. All countries shown increased their coverage, especially Nigeria.
Three screenshots of how the Global Fund interactive visualizations display on mobile. Each shows a mix of charts and copy.

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