Career Changes

The Career Change tracker is a simple, powerful tool that gives easy access to insights that many employers have never had before.


A screenshot of the Career Changes tracked. It shows stats on who was surveyed for the tracker and a beeswarm plot of 40 industries by their percentage of job changes where people were joining that industry.

What attracts people to work in your industry? And what sees them leave? We worked with recruitment agency Totaljobs to create a data-driven interactive tool that allows employers to explore the fascinating inflows and outflows of workers across 40 different industries.

We designed the Career Change tracker to be a simple, powerful tool that gives easy access to insights that many employers have never had before.

For example, a bubble chart provides a visual overview of which industries saw the most workers leaving, joining, or staying put. Users can go deeper to follow the flows of talent between different industries – where workers come from and which industries they’re switching careers to.

And by searching over time, employers could also see if a trend started before the pandemic or if it has been accelerated by it. To accompany the tool’s launch, we also created PDF factsheets that visualized the key data stories around career changes for different industries.

These fascinating insights are now helping SMEs, recruiters and business leaders to make better decisions and secure better talent. Career Changes proved to be an immensely useful, innovative business-to-business campaign that continues to drive traffic to Totaljobs and elevate their leader status.

Three screenshot of three vertical beeswarm plots, showing how the Career Changes tracker functions on mobile screens.
A visualization showing the movement of people in, out of and through the public sector between 2015 and 2022. It shows 42% of workers moved into the sector, 44% moved out, and 14% moved within the sector.
Animated gif of different screens from the Career Changes tracker. One shows the input and output of workers in different sectors, the other shows bar charts breaking down which sectors those people moved from or to. The animation is flicking both screenshots between lots of different sectors.
Two screenshots from the Career Changes tracker that include a mix of data visualizations and text.

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